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Beast of Namgakksan

So I am developing a one-shot game to deliver at the Ottawa Go-Play mini-con. I will post aspects of the development here. It may offer some inspiration and ideas. What I’ll be doing here is developing the characters and some of the conceits of the setting, rather than the adventure itself.One thing I’m going to mention at the outset is that while all the characters are being designed as male, this does not mean that none could be female. If you have seen the movie “the Duelist,” you will see an example of a female Korean in the Choseon Dynasty era disguised as a male. Women would not have been allowed into the military or as party of a Righteous Army, but that does not mean that none entered the fight. If one wanted to play a female character, that character would have been disguised as a man. The other characters would be aware of this (it would be pretty hard to keep it a secret entirely in the close-quarters of military life).