Fortune’s Soldier: A Bloody Crown

For at least 2021, I will be posting chapters from a novel to my Patreon rather than producing role-playing game material. I have committed to providing at least 5,000 words of fiction each month.

Each month, at my Patreon I will release at least one chapter of the work-in-progress (or WIP) and then other fiction–possibly more chapters from the WIP, possibly chapters from other WIPs–for a total of 5,000 words. At Sword’s Edge, each month I will release one chapter of the WIP.

The vote on which work in progress I should pursue (which took place at my Patreon) was inconclusive. It was a three-way tie. So what to do?

I turned it into a race. Fortune’s Soldier received the first vote, so it will be the official WIP. It will dominate this page. The other two stories that got the most votes will be showcased on my Patreon and will arrive here later, but the official WIP is Fortune’s Soldier.

Each month, one chapter will be released. Links to the released chapters and an ongoing summary will be provided here.

Fortune’s Soldier: A Bloody Crown

Fortune's Soldier Cover

Fifteen years after Kellaldh was overrun by its southern neighbour, Rhona Trevean just lost her father—the last free Kellei noble—and fears losing his trusted retainers and finally the war he spent his life fighting. She accepts the aid of Alec Rathwig, a mercenary captain with local ties, who offers to train a force that could beat the invaders, but at a price. As more powerful foreign nations seek to use them as pawns, Rhona and Alec face enemies both foreign and domestic as they seek to free their nation from an occupier and oppose those who would seek to profit from the war.

Fortune’s Soldier: A Bloody Crown is a low-fantasy story that follows Rhona, Alec, and their allies in a political and military struggle to assert their identity and control of their nation, while resisting the influence of those foreign nations that have offered them assistance.

Chapter 01

Chapter 02

Chapter 03

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