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Marvel’s Iron Fist – the First Seven Episodes

I’m up to episode 7 in the Netflix series Marvel’s Iron Fist and while it’s fine, I find it the weakest of the Marvel series. Without getting into spoilers, the main character is pretty wooden and this is not offset … Continue reading

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Strange Empire

So I watched the first episode of a Canadian TV series called Strange Empire. It seemed like it would be something different and cool – a Canadian Western with female leads. I knew nothing about it other than the women … Continue reading

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Sunday Six for June 1, 2014 Part the Deux

Here are the final two to make up the Sunday Six. I already fired off four because Great Pharaohs of Egypt was on sale and I wanted to let everyone know. Speaking of sales . . . Darklands. Man, I … Continue reading

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Review: Barbarella

Thanks to Netflix, I finally got the chance to see Barbarella. It’s like reaching some kind of milestone. I have heard about this movie for so very long. I actually remember reading about this movie in a book back when … Continue reading

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Netflix Addiction

Netflix can be dangerous. We recently cancelled our cable. We had it as part of an intro package, and the special pricing recently ended. Without that deal, we weren’t willing to pay $40 for it. Cable had been useful for … Continue reading

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