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Star Trek Beyond – A Review

I was very lucky yesterday to get to see an opening/advanced screening of Star Trek Beyond (does it have a colon? It should probably have a colon). Although among those I viewed it with, mine was the minority opinion, I … Continue reading

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Dredd, A Review

I recently re-watched Dredd on Netflix in Canada. I was really looking forward to this movie when it was in production, but as is usual for me, waited for it to be released on DVD/blu-ray before I got a chance … Continue reading

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Star Trek Into Darkness

In one of those rare occurrences, like an eclipse or Haley’s Comet, I saw a movie in the theatre. Fate conspired to get my but into a cinema seat for Star Trek Into Darkness. In brief: this is a fun … Continue reading

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Bones for Batman

Okay, this is totally just a rumour, and one that I actually have a hard time believing, but it is so infused with awesome I just had to share. Apparently, after the release of the Dark Knight Rises, Warner Bros. … Continue reading

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