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Review: Barbarella

Thanks to Netflix, I finally got the chance to see Barbarella. It’s like reaching some kind of milestone. I have heard about this movie for so very long. I actually remember reading about this movie in a book back when … Continue reading

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Late Nights with Flash Gordon

Already have a coffe in my hand because this morning is starting slow. Why, you might ask? Because those bastards at Netflix were diabolical enough to stream the 1980 Flash Gordon movie to me last night. Oh, the sweet, sweet … Continue reading

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Review: the Archer – Fugitive from the Empire

During my trip, I’ve had a chance to view some movies I otherwise likely wouldn’t have. One of those was an old pilot from way back called the Archer: Fugitive from the Empire. It was an attempt to do a … Continue reading

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Review: Prince of Wolves

I really enjoyed Dave Gross’ Master of Devils with its nod to Shaw Brother’s martial arts/wuxia movies of the 70s and 80s. The article in which I had read about Master of Devils also mentioned Prince of Wolves as a … Continue reading

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Review: River of Stars

One of my favourite fantasy authors is Guy Gavriel Kay. His works generally take historical periods and – to a greater or lesser degree – add magic. His worlds are not entirely second worlds, more like slightly altered historical Earth, … Continue reading

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Dispatches from South Korea

I’ve been in South Korea for just over a week, and have been honoured to have participated in my Korean family’s Lunar New Year (Sollal) celebration, which included the sacrifices to the ancestors (which was fruit and prepared food we … Continue reading

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Five Influences on my Writing Philosophy

Over at Kickstarter, as part of an update for my crowd-funding page for Farewell, Something Lovely (please support!), I listed five important influences on my writing philosophy. This is not about my writing style or discipline, just how I approach … Continue reading

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