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If I Had My Dream Job (AKA Fraser’s Iron Fist)

In a discussion about the Marvel series on Netflix, someone asked – since I was very disappointed with Iron Fist – what would I have done. That person obviously had no idea what they were getting into, and while we … Continue reading

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One For Thebes

A recent In Our Time episode, Melvyn Bragg and his guests discussed the Greek city-state of Thebes. There were a couple of points that really piqued my interest – Thebes position in the centre of Greece and its alliance with … Continue reading

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Immortals from Between the Rivers

I picked up Between the Rivers: The History of Ancient Mesopotamia from the Great Courses. I don’t find Dr. Alexis Q. Castor as good of a lecturer as Dr. Jennifer Paxton or Dr. Kenneth Harl, but the lectures are engaging … Continue reading

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Thor: Ragnarok – I Love It So Much I Want To Marry It!

Okay, I just got back from Thor: Ragnarok – well, I got home, did the prep for dinner, then wrote this, but almost literally ‘just back’ – and I have to say: go see this movie. Go see it twice. … Continue reading

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The Mayor – A Review

With a bunch of new Korean movies up on Netflix, my wife has been binging. She was kind enough to leave one for us to watch together, and she did so because it stars one of South Korea’s greatest actors … Continue reading

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Blade Runner 2049: Thoughts

I go see very few movies in the theatre, but a sequel to Blade Runner? That had to have the full cinematic experience. A couple of friends also wanted to check it out, so I dropped my money for a … Continue reading

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That Dungeon is Dark!

Things have been quiet because all of my writing has been focused on getting a substantial buffer for my Patreon (you are backing my Patreon, right? I mean, of course you are!). Things are looking good as the releases up … Continue reading

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This Bureau Needs Adjusting! A Review

I didn’t seek out the Adjustment Bureau, even though it was a movie based on a story by Philip K. Dick, and his stories almost always have something valuable in them. No, I didn’t seek it out, but it was … Continue reading

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The Defenders: The Verdict

I had plenty of momentum when I wrote my review of the first episodes of the Defenders. Finishing the series, that motivation and momentum died a barely noticed death. It’s not that the series was bad, but it had a … Continue reading

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Getting All Patreon-izing

I haven’t posted as much here as I should, and there are two reasons for that. One is that I haven’t been enjoying a lot of media – not watching anything or reading anything right now. Second is that instead … Continue reading

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