Issue 24, Volume 3, Number 9
Winter 2007
The Final Issue

Editor: Fraser Ronald
Cover Design by Fraser Ronald
Detail from "Naval Battle in the Gulf of Naples" by Pieter Bruegal, the Elder
Swords Edge Logo designed by Rob Wakefield.

Table of Contents

Fiction Ghosts of Silver
A short story by Jay Mijares
Paula’s short cut goes very wrong and lands her in the Forbidden Chamber, a room that could drive men mad.

Fiction Halrak's Mission
A short story by Cuyler Callahan
Young Halrak is sent on his first mission of the great war, scouting a pass crawling with enemy Orcs. An apprentice of only two days service, Halrak doesn’t question his orders, but how can he survive such a task?

Fiction Sand Spiders
A short story by Janet L. Loftis
As the lightning drew nearer, the sand covered him. Would the spiders come? The spiders always came.

Fiction Corpse Paint
A short story by Armand Rosamilia
The battle over, his brothers fallen, Vladimir Dragov hears the call of the Ghourlesh. Do they announce his death, or theirs?

Fiction Lono and the Little Gods
A short story by Paul R. McNamee
Lono won’t stand for someone kidnapping his wife, even those ghastly ugly creatures from the dirt who some call gods.

Fiction Bugs
A short story by Eric S. Brown and Steven Lloyd
Men lived and died in the heat and jungles of Viet-nam. Something more has come, something more inhuman than war.

Fiction Impenetrable
A short story by Charles James
Zaelot's Keep lay at the end of the world. Many had met their end there. Elzevier would not let it swallow the children as well. It would choke on him first.

Article The Art of Japanese Swordsmanship
An article by J. Mijares
Samurai and Ronin are popular images in modern media, but what about the skills actually wielded by these figures?

Review Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest Review
A movie review by Jay Mijares
Captain Jack is back, and he's bringing the whole crew with him.

Getting Medieval Urbanity
Fantasy RPGing
Mention fantasy games, and lots of people will think of castles or of catacombs. But why not cities?

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