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Fallout For Me

“Fraser’s been really quiet recently.”

Yes. Yes I have. And there’s a reason for that. It’s called Fallout 4.

I really enjoyed Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, and while Fallout: New Vegas remains my favourite of the franchise. That’s not to denigrate Fallout 4, which is certainly holding my interest. All the games have their advantages and problems, but Fallout: New Vegas works best for me in consideration of the story, the setting, and the weapons.

Yeah, I’m shallow, but the available weapons are really important to me, and while New Vegas has mods that increase the number of available weapons including some that I love, but I’ve very happy with the combat rifle in Fallout 4, especially given that one can modify it (and all the others) and create something pretty badass.

My favourite though is the “handmade rifle” from the Nuka World DLC. Modding that can pretty much build something that looks like a Dragunov, and I think that looks pretty awesome. It also does outstanding damage with the proper perks.

And this is one the issues I have with Fallout 4 – the decision to use perks in place of rather than alongside skills. I think Fallout 3 had the proper balance – at least for me – with skill increases and a perk each level. I can understand, though, given that Fallout 4 does not have a level cap, the decision to use perks instead. One can achieve the same end just over a longer timeframe (or really, over a greater number of levels). Still, I prefer skills due to their granularity.

To balance this, one has a wealth of available companions, most of them incredibly well-realized. Granted, some of these are less interesting and useful than those in 3 and New Vegas, but I really enjoy travelling with Deacon and Piper, and Nick Valentine has a fantastic schtick.

I think – and this is, I believe, an issue of technology – the setting in Fallout 4 is the most realized and the best looking. Also, I have a real computer now, so once I’ve finished with Fallout 4 I’m going to go back and try New Vegas again (for like the fourth time) to see how it looks and plays when it’s not on a crappy laptop.

While I enjoy somewhat the ability to build and improve settlements, I really don’t like settlement management. One would assume that the residents would be able to scavenge and build on their own, but it seems that they are merely drones awaiting orders, and that part of the game I really don’t like.

Oh, and along with playing games, I’m writing stuff. A lot of stuff. It’s all game stuff and you can get it at my Patreon. It’s an awesome Patreon, methinks, and you should support it.

Excuse, time to go shoot some super mutants.

I give Fallout 4 4.5 glowing explodey ghouls out of 5. It’s got the same basic feel of the Fallout FPS/RPGs with improved graphics and weapons but slightly weaker mechanics and stories.