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Disclaimer: This is part of a round robin review process, meaning that a bunch of designers got together and agreed to review each other’s games. I don’t know if the author of Rewind will be reviewing my game or not, … Continue reading

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Emperors of Rome

I’m not only an intermittent podcast host, I’m also a regular listener to podcasts. I actually don’t listen to many gaming podcasts – I find that when I’m not getting my fill of gaming, I listen to them a lot … Continue reading

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How I Messed Up Nefertiti Overdrive

Just after I put out the Quickstart rules for Nefertiti Overdrive, I had a discussion with a respected game designer regarding the characters. He was very unhappy with what he saw as an exclusion of Africa in a game set … Continue reading

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Meandering Around the Map

Originally published 20 April 2010 I used to try to be a “seat of my pants” writer. I would start with an idea, and move forward. Sometimes I knew the ending, sometimes I didn’t, but I just wrote until I … Continue reading

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Terminator: Genisys

Last night my wife and I compromised and it was a huge mistake. She had selected some possible movies, and all of them were dramas. I was tired – had a scare with my dad who lives 6 hours away … Continue reading

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