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Sword Of Destiny

While I wasn’t thrilled with it, Sword of Destiny, the sequel to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, only minimally disappointed. I honestly wasn’t expect much more than a chance to see Donnie Yen and Michelle Yeoh in a half-decent kung-fu movie. … Continue reading

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Finish Writing Your Novels

The last post was only the beginning of my opinions/advice on novel writing. Here’s the second part. Advice to Aspiring Novelists 2: Finish Writing Novels Originally published 9 Jul 2009. I’m back with more advice about publishing a novel that … Continue reading

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Assassination: A Review

Assassination, the Korean movie from 2015, is now available on Netflix in Canada. With my course load lighter (never trying two courses at the same time while I’m working), I have a bit of time on weekends to spend with … Continue reading

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Perfecting Your Craft

I’ve done a lot of fiction writing, and have even had people pay me to publish some of it. I’ve also completed a few novels, but I’ve never published any. That said, I have opinions. I know – shocking! So … Continue reading

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Korean Culture Lesson

Back in 2008, I ran a one-shot called “Beast of Namgakksan,” which was set in Korea during the Japanese invasion of the 16th century, known as the Imjin War. A very important part of Korean culture and history was social … Continue reading

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Medieval Urbanity

Looking back through Sword’s Edge, there are a lot of articles that might still be of interest. While I am not writing fiction or creating much these days – between my actual job, my Master’s program, and my family, I’m … Continue reading

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