Santa Barbara Shootings – The Blog Stays Serious

There was another event recently about which I did not express rage or rant. I realized after my rant yesterday that some people might wonder why that particular situation resulted in such a response whereas there was a very public tragedy about which I was saying nothing. I assure you, it struck me as hard as the story of Zoe Keating, but I struggle with how to approach it.

I am very aware of the Santa Barbara Shooting, the reasons the killer gave, and the discussion this has generated about harassment, misogyny and violence against women. I have not been talking about it because I have been listening. I have two young daughters. I am honestly terrified of the world in which they will grow up.

No, this is not Darfur, in which families send daughters to fetch water even though they will almost certainly be raped because brothers and fathers will just as likely be killed. Still, this is not a world in which I feel my daughters are safe. Nor are any of the amazing, intelligent, fun, and creative women I know in my life.

I have been educated. The lesson is frightening.

This involves me and it effects me, but this is not about me. I will support where I can, when I can, and I will absorb the lessons.

Slate has a lot of excellent articles about the shootings.

Phil Plait also writes a good article for men regarding #YesAllWomen.

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