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In Which I Get All Ranty and Kind of Political

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I’m about to go on a rant. It’s going to be touching on political themes that are incendiary in the US. This might lose me some followers, some supporters, and maybe some internet friends, but if you can honestly countenance this behaviour, I really don’t want you as a follower, supporter or friend.

There is also going to be language a plenty. Get yer helmet, shit’s about to go sideways.

Ranty rantiness is based on this article. Have a read if you want to see the foundations of my rage.

TLDR: Husband and father is diagnosed with very advanced cancer, so advanced the doctor calls him back to the hospital immediately to begin treatment. Health insurance company denies coverage for reasons.

Are you fuckin’ kidding me?

Why is money more important than people’s lives? Why is this happening? The insane irony is that the political party that is trying to protect this predatory health system is the same that wants to claim the US as a Christian nation.

I don’t remember Christ denying healing to the poor. I don’t remember him saying a sickness wasn’t worthy of healing. I sure as fuck don’t remember him making a profit.

Canada’s health system isn’t the best. There are wait times among myriad other problems, but to continue to leave decisions regarding treatments to profit-motivated corporations insures that situations like this will happen again. Yes, doctors and other medical practitioners are paid in Canada, yes they make a profit, but the amount they can charge for services is capped because it is single-payer, and they cannot deny treatment. If one is going to go bankrupt due to illness in Canada, it is not due to hospital stays or treatment, though it might occur due to the cost of medication for chronic illness.

Nothing’s perfect, but to reject any possible option but the perfect one would have left our societies relegated to tribal chiefdoms rather than moving forward. We wouldn’t have adopted fire. There is no perfect option, there are simply better options.

Little story: back before my wife was a permanent resident of Canada, she had an accident while we were visiting Toronto. It didn’t turn out to be life-threatening, but it appeared serious enough that the hotel called an ambulance. When we were admitted to the hospital, the question of payment was relegated to later. She was being treated, I was registering her, but I didn’t have the health insurance certificate with me (it was in the hotel room).

“That’s fine,” said the administering nurse (or something like that). “Come by tomorrow and we can finish this all up.”

I could have given a false name, false address, false everything. The hospital wanted its money, sure, but they prioritized the treatment of the patient. The scary thing is, what if it had been life-threatening? She was covered by an insurer but what if that insurer had denied coverage? I honestly don’t know what would happen because I have honestly never heard of such a situation in Canada. I don’t know how it would work.

No family should have to face the choice of bankruptcy or painful death. This is fucking cancer. Cancer. How the fuck can you deny treatment for cancer? The invisible hand of the market is not going to rectify this situation because there are no good alternatives for people. The US government – or parts of it – appear to be trying to fix that. I can’t understand how one can argue that denying treatment for cancer is better than possibly increased wait times or inefficiencies.

I bought Zoe Keating’s album. It was the least I could do to support her. It helps that I actually really dig the cello. I’ve used Blue Cross for travel insurance for all my recent trips. That ends now, and I’ll be telling them why.

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