Bourne to be Bad?

I couldn’t resist the pun. Yes, I likely should be punished.

I have enjoyed the Bournes movies, though I enjoyed the original more than the later two. Paul Greengrass’ shakey-cam was confusing while Doug Liman’s carefully controlled shakey-cam was visceral. I could still follow the fighting in the Bourne Identity. I also think it was a superior movie. Not that the Supremacy and Ultimatum were bad, I just found the first movie better.

And now the Legacy.

Well, I’ve liked Jeremy Renner in the Hurt Locker and the Town, and he certainly delivered in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, so that’s a plus. Tony Gilroy wrote all three, but I haven’t seen any of the movies he’s directed, so who knows if he’s a good director.

There’s little to no chance I’ll catch this in the theatre, but it’s pretty much a certainty that I’ll catch it on DVD.

Have you seen the trailer?

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