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Gifts of the Elder Gods

Cross-posted from Sword’s Edge Publishing: A duellist in a dying city facing a weapon of fiery death, not to mention temptation. Two fur trappers hunted by a spirit of hate that feeds on the very fear it engenders. An arrogant … Continue reading

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Thinking Of The Children

Excuse me while I get personal for a moment (in case you haven’t noticed, this blog is moving away from its e-zine roots to truly become my blog). I’m part of a single income family. I am lucky enough to … Continue reading

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History: Not Just for Breakfast Any More

I love history. There are some specific places and periods that have my particular devotion: Rome during the Principate, Scotland during the Wars of Independence, Korea during Koryo, and the Tudor-Stuart stretch of English/British history. It’s this last that I … Continue reading

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Why Are You Writing RPGs?

As opposed to firing them off? Oh, the other kind of RPGs. A lot of my creative energies recently have been focused on RPGs rather than writing fiction. I’ve been asked why. It’s not something for which I had a … Continue reading

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Apropos of Nothing: Smoke Got In My . . . Nose

I have a regular meeting every Tuesday morning which is in a building about 30 minutes from where I work. I walk there, even in the winter. There’s a great fair trade coffee place along the way that is way … Continue reading

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