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Sword Noir Vs. Edge

Why have I been so quiet, you ask? Sword Noir is out and has been doing very well. I’ve been busy trying to get some kind of visibility for it, as well as getting files ready for the Print on Demand version. I’ve also been looking into other options for making something special for Gen Con.

Unfortunately, whenever I get wrapped up in something, Sword’s Edge takes a hit. In this case, there is a direct connection, since Sword’s Edge Publishing pays for this site, focusing on that is basically focusing here.

It’s not going to get better any time soon, I’m afraid. I have another release this weekend, and then I have the Viking action RPG Kiss My Axe to complete and get out (including PoD).

And then there is Gen Con.

But stick around. I’ll get stuff up whenever I can—especially if it is geeky news flavoured stuff.

You can purchase your PDF copy of Sword Noir here. A Print on Demand version should be available shortly.