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Ursa? Major!

What character could Alice Eve, Diane Krueger and Rosamund Pike be vying for in the new Superman movie? Well, apparently—and, of course, it’s all just rumours—it ain’t Lois Lane, though she is in the pic. Nope, this very attractive trio are vying for the role of Ursa, General Zod’s right hand.

I remember her very well from Superman II. I have no idea if she’s been in comics, cartoons, or other Superman properties since that movie. I don’t really follow Superman. However, the possibility of Ursa brings about the possibility of Zod, and we all know daddy likes his General Zod.

Of the three, I’d go for Alice Eve or Rosamund Pike. Diane Krueger as Helen was a very painful part of Troy. I’m not looking to see her again any time soon.

Now, bring on Zod. And for extra points, get Terence Stamp to play him again. That man is fukin’ Golden.

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