A Killer Poster

Well, see the poster for the new adaptation of the Killer. The poster has been revealed. Certainly simpled than most Hong Kong action movie posters from the late 80s.

The article at Collider can be found here.

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2 Responses to A Killer Poster

  1. Chris says:

    In 3D. Well here’s hoping that I can watch it in NOT-3D.

  2. Fraser says:

    I haven’t actually seen anything in 3D in a movie theatre since the mid 80s. I certainly hope they don’t film in 2D and then transfer to 3D. If it is filmed in 3D, and there is some level of vision from the director and the DP, maybe there’ll be something interesting.

    However, like you, I’m expecting to see this in 2D–which better bloody-well be an option.

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