Panther Set to Pounce

Marvel seems to be moving forward with a Black Panther movie. At least, they’ve gone so far as to hire a screenwriter. Granted, that’s probably the cheapest of the investments Marvel will have to make, unless they try to low-ball the director and star as well. Still, it shows some level of intent.

I’m not a particular fan of the Black Panther, but I’ve read some stuff with him that is pretty cool. The writer in question, Mark Bailey, is mostly known for documentary work, though he has done at least one other adaptation that might see the screen. There’s no word yet on how Marvel or Mr. Bailey intends to adapt the story of the Black Panther, but the last time there was any serious interest in the character, he was going to be involved in some kind of Indiana Jones/Alan Quatermain-style adventure.

Oh, please, no. That just sounds so stupid.

Granted, that was in the 1990s. Hopefully Hollywood has gotten smarter.

And then I remembered Catwoman, and that shot that idea to shit.

Read the article at Collider.

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