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The Hobbit Prison Rapes New Zealand

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Hey, I think a lot of us wanted to see the Hobbit filmed in New Zealand. I mean, the original films were done there, and the place certainly stood in for Middle-Earth quiet well. I can understand that the government of New Zealand would also want to keep the production there—money invested in the local economy, the tourism benefits, prestige. But was this worth the price paid.

So, the government of New Zealand is forking over something like $25 million. There’s some kind of cover story about how this isn’t a pay-off, but it’s a pay-off. That’s how governments play with big business. Also? There’s going to be legislation “to clarify the distinction between independent contractors and employees as it relates to the film industry only.” So, they’re going to fuck over the unions or something?

Yeah, that’s not so nice. In fact, fuck New Zealand and fuck Peter Jackson. This sucks dysentery-ridden ass. Jackson was kind of being a prick threatening to pull the movie from New Zealand and the government has totally sold out. Though, honestly, I think we’ve all come to realize that most governments see their raison d’être as being a total bottom for business. Wow, I’m really not excited about these movies now.

In other news, it seems like ex-the Doctor, Sylvester McCoy, will play Radaghast the Brown. That’s cool. It’s nice to see the earth tone Istari getting some play. I never watched McCoy on Doctor Who, since I stopped watching it after Tom Baker and started watching again with Christopher Eccleston.

And since I mentioned Tom Baker, let’s hope McCoy’s turn in the Hobbit is better than Baker’s in the absolute piece of shit known as the movie Dungeons & Dragons. Wow, Baker was bad. Granted, his role sucked ass—as did so much of that film—but it was like he was sleep-walking.

Maybe he was. He put himself to sleep with the mantra: “It’s a pay cheque. It’s a pay cheque. It’s a pay cheque . . .”

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