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Getting Personal

I didn’t think posting my thoughts about my daughter’s social dilemmas in junior kindergarten fit, but if you are interested, you can check it out on my tumblr feed. The article is here.

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In Which I Muse on Format

I love hardcover books. I love them because they look good displayed. Now it used to be that most of my reading was done at home or—when I lived in Korea—in my office. In such a situation, a hardcover is … Continue reading

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Bones for Batman

Okay, this is totally just a rumour, and one that I actually have a hard time believing, but it is so infused with awesome I just had to share. Apparently, after the release of the Dark Knight Rises, Warner Bros. … Continue reading

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Which Warrior’s Way?

I like me some martial arts in my movies. That doesn’t mean I inordinately love martial arts movies, but if you give me some awesome fight scenes, I’ll forgive a lot (though not anything, as I still haven’t forgiven Ong … Continue reading

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Digging the Old School Hack

Just wanted to do a very quick post then get back to doing abso-fucking-lutely nothing. Go check out Old School Hack. Corey Reid (he of the awesome Dino Pirates of Ninja Island) pointed the way, and it was my road … Continue reading

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Falling for Immortals

Some of you out there might know of the film-maker Tarsem Singh, also known simply as Tarsem. While I never did see the Cell, I was mesmerized by the Fall . . . that is until my wife asked me … Continue reading

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Zack Snyder Saturday

I’m not the biggest Zack Snyder fan on the planet, but I enjoyed 300 and thought the Watchmen was a good but far from perfect product. I have to admit, though, to being jazzed by what I’ve seen from Sucker … Continue reading

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