Secret Alien Secrets

Apparently, and I don’t know how much weight to put on this, the Alien prequel script has leaked. I actually haven’t read the synopsis or followed the link to the more detailed article, but I’ve linked to both below.

I can’t say I’m excited by this. The last to ventures into the Alien universe (those would be Alien Vs. Predator and AVP2) really sucked ass. I mean, they sucked so much they cleaned colons, stomachs, entire gastrointestinal tracts.

Now, this one has Ridley Scott, who did such great work with Alien. And I am one of the people who actually enjoyed Alien Resurrection (that would be IV), so I figure if it is a straight ahead Alien movie made by the original Alien director, it can’t be all that bad.

Then again, it certainly can. I love Ridley Scott . . . most of the time. He’s honestly hit and miss. And if the script doesn’t have depth, he’s not a director to add it. Visuals? Stunning. But he needs to work with a good script and good actors.

Let’s hope he gets both for the prequel.

You can read the synopsis here.

The full article is here.

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