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Seeing More Widow

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I am absolutely not averse to watching more of Scarlett Johansson in a tight, black bodysuit. She can be beating up random security guards or just walking along the street. Heck, she can be reading a book. I’ll watch.

Given that, the news of a Black Widow movie doesn’t fill me with joy. Why, you ask? Aren’t there lots of good stories out there for Natasha? Isn’t there tons of cool, espionage-y type adventures the Widow can embark upon?

Absolutely, yes. However, she’s had her time on the screen and will have more time come the Avengers.

See, Marvel has been saying that they are going to start trying to do small movies with some of their second tier properties. That’s an exciting thought. Those other projects—which could include awesome shit like an Iron First movie—would be shelved should the Widow move forward.

And I would much rather see something different—even if it isn’t Iron Fist . . . though that would make an awesome movie—than see more of a character that is already on the screen. I’d say the same thing about a War Machine movie, or a Hawkeye movie. They have had, or will have, their time on the screen. Let someone else have a chance.

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  1. Haven’t read Marvel for an age but back in the 70s it was all about the Kung Fu with Shang-Chi, Iron Fist and the brawler Luke Cage. There’s your martial arts superhero dream team for a movie. 😉

    I’ve still got some really vivid memories of scenes in comics back then. Like Shang-Chi teaming up with his running nemesis (can’t remember his name… he wore tiger claw gloves) and fighting back to back against a horde of flunkies, or the little robot side-kick of a villain, dressed up as a doctor promising to put his master together again after he was just incinerated – THINK that was a Daredevil.

    I toy with reading comix again, but where to start? Everything has been re-booted ten ways to Sunday since then and oh the crossovers even make picking up the collected graphic novels awkward.

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