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Killing the Hobbit Slowly

So with the possible end of the MGM financial issue in sight, we can expect the Hobbit to get cracking. Heck, even Gandalf has said to expect filming in the New Year.

That is, until the labour troubles.

Yes, the Hobbit has run afoul of the union–the Screen Actors’ Guild, in this case. It seems that SAG is considering the Hobbit a “non-union” production and threatening action against any actor working on it. This apparently has something to do with the contracting and with the Australian Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance.

I really don’t know what the fuck is going on. As is so common in labour disputes, both sides are lily white and it’s the other guy who’s being a dick, and if only the other guy would see reason, the world would be populated by unicorns and rainbows.

I don’t care who is at fault or what the issue is: get this shit cleaned up and get us our big budget fantasy movie.


A Blastr article gives a good summary of the shit so far here.

Collider has Peter Jackson’s response here.