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Hellboy Begat Conan

kingconan2The casting rumours/news keeps coming and I keep gobbling it up like the incredulous naïf I truly am.

Apparently Mickey Rourke is out of the upcoming Conan movie. Replacing him as Conan’s father is Ron Perlman.

That’s fine. I have very little invested in this movie as it stands. As much as I enjoy Ron Perlman, I was very interested to see what Mickey Rourke might have done with the role. I’m wondering how large a part Conan’s dad will have in the movie. If it’s anything like Conan the Barbarian, that would be not too much.

Whatever the case, the casting and director don’t leave me with a whole lot of hope that anything of quality is going to come out of the process. Fun? Possibly, but since it’s going to carry the title of Conan, I expect a little bit more than just fun.

Seriously, guys, change the name and we can all be friends, okay? Robert E. Howard’s creation deserves a little bit more respect than this. Not that Hollywood agrees with me. See?