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Arthur’s Frequency Not So Global

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It seems my pants are safe and no tarp is necessary.

The news now is that Guy Ritchie is doing a King Arthur movie (yay!) but not the one penned by Warren “motherfuckin’ Nextwave bitches!” Ellis (boo!).

This is certainly not to say that John Hodges is not a talented writer. He certainly is. Shallow Grave and Trainspotting were both excellent, and I even enjoyed A Life Less Ordinary. His other stuff, I don’t know.

This isn’t about John Hodges being teh Suckage. This is about Warren “Global Frequency” Ellis being a god among comic writers, and just writers in general.

I’m hoping that the Ellis script is still out there, somewhere, and that someone is going to grab it and go with it. I’m hoping it is a director that is willing to be led by Ellis’ vision. The fact is, Ellis has worked in just about every genre imaginable in comics, including fantasy/sword & sorcery. He’s always entertaining, always different. I can’t even imagine where a Warren Ellis King Arthur script would take us.

But it’s a journey I want to be on.