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Angela At the Wall

First off, let me say, I like Angela Bassett. I’m not going to say I’m a fan, because it’s not like I follow her work or anything, but she has consistently delivered in everything in which I’ve seen her.

Also? Hot.

I really took notice of her in Strange Days. I like that movie. I own it on DVD. I have strong memories of seeing it. Those are: 1) Cool! 2) A buddy’s date walked out during the rape scene.

SPOILER There is a rape scene.

It’s all good. The date ended up marrying my buddy and they had a bunch of kids together.

Anyway, back to Angela Bassett. Word is that she’s been cast in Green Lantern as Amanda Waller. Now, while I am glad that she’s getting work and all, she’s not exactly who I would expect to play the Wall. That is totally from a physical perspective. The Wall is a very large woman. Very large. Bassett is not.

Please do not let her play this in a fat suit.

I think that casting Bassett is a fine choice. She is an amazing actress and can deliver with gravitas or intimidation. What makes my ears prick up is the linkage this makes with Task Force X, also known as the Suicide Squad.

Is DC attempting to pull a Marvel, linking a bunch of their movies, using a “secret agent” kind of character to do so? Will the Wall be featured in other DC movies? Will she be DC’s Nick Fury? And if so, what role or purpose will TFX play?

Anyone out there have the answers?

3 thoughts on “Angela At the Wall”

  1. Did you see Pam Greer play the Wall in the JSA episode of Smallville? Pretty stinky, although I enjoyed the rest of the episode, even with all the scenery munching. 🙂 But Greer’s Wall was the weak sauce.

  2. I haven’t seen any Smallville. Too bad about Greer. I liked her in Jackie Brown, but I haven’t seen any of her other stuff. Wonder if that JSA episode will be released on its own. Would it be worth a rental or possibly even a purchase?

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