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Ignite that Imperative

I’m not collecting a lot of comics these days, but one title I do follow is Guardians of the Galaxy. I’m really enjoying the title in general, though there have been a couple of speedbumps along the way.

Now Comic Book Resource is sayingthat the team behind GotG is going to be writing The Thanos Imperative: Ignition. Apparently it has something do with the Realm of Kings series/event/WTF it is. Honestly, haven’t been following that. I haven’t been following Nova either, though I’ve read a couple of issues.

The Thanos Imperative seems to be about the result of Magus (ex-Adam Warlock in GotG) taking control of the Rift–a rip in time and space or something or other out of which bad stuff comes. This is cool, in that it seems to cap off a storyline from GotG, so going into it, I wouldn’t be completely lost.

Thanos is a character I recall from back when I did collect comics, and he can be interesting. In the hands of the guys doing GotG, I’d be willing to check it out and see what’s going to happen. Considering I’m also a Silver Surfer fan, this could be cool.