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The Loser on the Bridge

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Bifrost Bridge, that is.

thor_1.jpgIn the land of interesting developments comes word that Idris Elba will be playing Heimdall in Kenneth Branagh’s Thor. I have no value judgment one way or the other, as I know nothing of Mr. Elba’s work. I will say that he better be bringing something mighty to the table, since he’s going to be showing up in two movies that get me excited–Thor and the Losers.

There is, of course, the fact that Mr. Elba is a Black man and Heimdall is Scandinavian. Whatever. Branagh cast Keanu Reeves as Denzel Washington’s brother in Much Ado About Nothing. All “he could be a step-brother” equivocating aside, the casting didn’t bother me a bit, any more than I would have been bothered by an East Indian Aragorn or a Thai King Arthur. These are mythical figures, as in not real. Seriously, who gives a fig over skin colour? I only care about acting calibre.

In fact, you get me a good enough actor, and I can easily ignore ethnicity. Graham Greene as John A MacDonald? I’m all for it. Ahn Sung-Gi as John F. Kennedy? In a second. Chow Yun (motherfuckin’) Fat as Colin Powell? Sold!