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This Trailer is Expendable

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expendablesposter.jpgThere’s a trailer up for the anticipated action extravaganza, the Expendables. Now this is supposedly a promo trailer, used to sell the movie to distributors, so it’s not the same as a movie trailer designed to draw in audiences.

Still. Meh.

Granted, it’s cool to see all these guys working together, and the fight scenes seem okay. The thing is, I’ve heard this described as the ultimate 80s action movie. That is actually apt. The action scenes look like they were filmed in the 1980s. They seem a little pedestrian, kind of reheated. Someone kept this movie in the fridge and just threw it in the microwave before serving it up to you.

Who knows, maybe it’s better than it appears. I doubt I’ll see this in the theatre. Then again, I see so very, very little in the theatres.