Talking with Berg about Dune

So, Sci Fi Wire has an interview with Peter Berg about his upcoming Dune project. This will be the third adaptation of the book. I can’t say I’m particularly thrilled.

I actually saw the David Lynch movie before I read the book. I enjoyed it quite a bit, though I was pretty young. I didn’t read Dune until high school. I can only imagine someone who had read that classic viewing Lynch’s adaptation. I came at it the right way, because while the movie was interesting, the book is astounding.

I’ve also seen the mini-series, which left me kind of ‘meh.’ It was good, but I can’t say the actor playing Paul Atreides really worked for me. He seemed too . . . sleepy, too neutral through the whole story. His emotional high points came off as particularly forced.

Then again, I only saw it once a few years ago, so my memories may be faulty.

As for this new version, I haven’t seen anything by Peter Berg that makes me think he can out-Dune David Lynch, and certainly nothing that makes me think he can pull off a satisfactory adaptation.

Time will tell. I’ve likely been wrong before.

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