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GOLD Season Finale

From the GOLD the Series mailing list:

It is with a mixture of excitement and sadness that we here at GOLD announce the final episode of GOLD Season 1: Episode 6, And the Gods Will Have Their Way:

A nightmare about his accident makes Jon realize what is important, and he attempts to mend his relationship with Cissy. Meanwhile, Richard arrives at Jackson’s BBQ to confront his fractured team, and the British team join the BBQ with a secret plan to sabotage the Americans, unaware the Americans need no assistance. As the party escalates, representatives from the World Wide Tabletop Role Playing Game Consortium arrive bearing terrible news.

We’re excited because this is an awesome episode, which leads to a season ending we’re crazy about. But we’re sad because we’re now officially on hiatus. Season 1 is over – no more new GOLD episodes for a little while.

But we’ve lots of exciting stuff going on behind the scenes, and just beacuse the season is over doesn’t mean that we stop working. It’s more important now than ever that you spread the word and share GOLD with your friends. As we work on raising money and finding production support and sponsorships for Season 2, we need our viewership to continue to blossom. You can help us out further by becoming a fan of GOLD on Facebook and following GOLD on Twitter.

Watch “And the Gods Will Have Their Way” at If you’re cloudy on what has gone before, all previous episodes can be found there as well. If you are re-watching, we recommend watch the HD versions – the vast difference in picture and sound quality is worth the load time.

In other GOLD news:

•        It’s official: GOLD will be screened at the prestigious GenCon Indy in August. We’ll be screening a few episodes as part of the official GenCon program, having a discussion about GOLD and entertainment for gamers, and giving away some free stuff. More news as detailes emerge.

•        We’re very close to releasing a GOLD Collectible Trading Card Game. Yes, that’s what I said: a GOLD CCG. (see the sample card to the right)

•        Along with development for Season 2, there’s been a lot of discussion about a GOLD Season 1 DVD. We definitely want to do it, we’re just trying to guage interest now.

•, GOLD’s primary distribution hub, has been featuring GOLD on the front page of its site a lot in past weeks. This is huge for us, as it helps spread GOLD to viewers we might not normally reach. Once you’ve finished watching all the GOLD episodes, head on over to and check out their other webseries programs.

As always, “And the Gods Will Have Their Way” is available in SD (default), HD, and in downloadable format for iPods, iPhones, etc. You can also subscribe to the GOLD episodes through iTunes by clicking on the “Subscribe in iTunes” button at

That’s all for now. As always, you can watch and re-watch GOLD to your heart’s content. Keep checking for news and updates, and visit our friends and sponsors who have links and ads on our site. Thanks for supporting GOLD. And a special thanks to all of those fans who have donated to help offset the cost of making this first season of GOLD. You are amazing.