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CCP Wins Key Awards For Innovation, Continues To Thrive As GDC 2009 Approaches

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Award-winning developer of EVE Online attending GDC to showcase “EVE Online: Apocrypha” and actively recruit for further growth Reykjavik.eve_online_logo.jpg

ICELAND – March 23, 2009 – CCP, one of the world’s leading independent game developers and creator of EVE Online, has announced a strong corporate outlook ahead of this year’s Game Developers Conference (GDC), (San Francisco, CA, March 23-27, 2009). The company was recently honored for its innovative approach to development; is announcing aggressive recruitment plans; and earlier this month released the latest EVE Online expansion: Apocrypha, available online as well as in retail stores via a distribution partnership with Atari.

CCP has received two key business awards over the last month, The Icelandic Innovation and Knowledge Award from the Association of Businessmen and Economists in Iceland and the 2009 Top 10 Innovative Technology Companies Award from the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG). Both awards highlight CCP’s strength and innovation in technical development.

CCP was founded around innovation and the pursuit of excellence,” said CEO Hilmar Veigar Petursson, “and those core values have continued to be at the heart of everything we do, even as we’ve expanded our global reach in the last few years. We feel great pride and humility to have been recognized with these prestigious awards and feel more determined than ever to keep attracting brilliant people and building the best battletested technology to create the most compelling virtual worlds imaginable.”

On the heels of these two awards, and with March 10th’s retail box release of EVE Online: Apocrypha, CCP has announced a heavy presence at this year’s GDC. Several CCP representatives will give presentations, and CCP is also hosting booth #210 in the GDC Career Pavilion as part of its recruitment drive.

GDC speaking slots include:
– Eyjo Gudmundsson, Lead Economist, and Petur Oskarsson, Researcher: “The Council of Stellar Management: EVE Online Bridges Worlds for a Society”
– Halldor Fannar, CTO: “From Evolution to Revolution: Upgrading the Graphics Engine of EVE Online”
– Ryan Scott Dancey, CMO: “Network Marketing: Leveraging Social Networks to Grow an MMO”

During the expo, CCP will be accepting resumes from aspiring and talented developers as it commences a series of recruitment waves in which the company aims to fill about 60 positions over the course of 2009. The company will also show highlights of the new features and capabilities associated with their latest expansion, EVE Online: Apocrypha, including an eased learning curve for newcomers, unstable wormholes for exploration and modular ships that pilots may tailor-build to suit their own specifications and needs.

“We are excited to be growing our developer team, and it’s nice to see the team winning awards from our industry peers,” said Mike Tinney, president of CCP North America. “By hiring top talent, and tackling hard problems 2008 became a strong year for CCP. Now coming into 2009 we’re looking for more insanely talented and like-minded people to join our team. We will continue to enrich the EVE player experience and continuously develop and improve our upcoming projects as well.”