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Terminator: Salvation Trailer

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terminator-salvation-poster.jpgIs there anyone as yet unaware that the Terminator: Salvation trailer is up? No? Okay, just checking.

I remember loving Terminator when I saw it on video. I was immediately hooked. I became a John Cameron junkie, watching everything he put out . . . until Titanic. In any case, I saw Terminator 2: Judgement Day in the theatre, twice. Terminator 3? Didn’t bother. And no one can blame that one on Mr. Cameron. I saw the tail end of the movie on TV when I was in Korea this year, and apparently I wasn’t missing out on anything. The TV show (Sarah Connor Chronicles)? We don’t have cable or rabbit ears or anything, so if it ain’t on DVD or Hulu, I haven’t seen it. And even if we had a TV, I wasn’t all aquiver to watch it.

But this trailer, this is something I wish I could see in the theatre. Maybe I can get my cousin in to help my wife for a day and I can sneak off to see this. Yes, based on the trailer, I am already making my plans to check this out.

Absolutely. Aquiver.