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More Comics on TV?

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250px-fables.pngSeems that ABC is bringing the comics Fables to TV. Fables is a DC comic about which I have heard (via the Monarch Comics Briefing) many cool things, but is not one I follow. Of course, I follow so few comics right now, that’s not surprising.

It’s actually interesting how many comics have become TV programs. I mean other than the “big names” (of which now only Smallville really remains, but I remember Lois and Clark, the Flash, Birds of Prey, among others) there have been attempts at more “indie” titles like Witchblade and Painkiller Jane.

Given the success comic book movies have had, it only makes sense TV gets in on the trend. Further, with the success of Heroes, it seems like a no-brainer that TV execs will start looking for the next big thing.

We shall see.